Make: mason jar gifts

As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to make some of my gifts this year (for sustainability and budgetary reasons) and I’d seen some cool ideas for mason jar gifts. After doing some internet searches, I decided do make a combination of cookies, body scrubs and happiness jars (as separate items, not all rolled into one crazy present!)

I bought all of the jars from Kmart or The Reject Shop ($2 each – win!). I got the fabric and the brown tags from Spotlight, but you could get something similar from any craft store. I made the crochet hearts – you can find more info here.

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Make: crochet love hearts

For Christmas, I really wanted to make some of my gifts, mainly to:

  • save money
  • avoid the shopping centres
  • not contribute to a wasteful society by getting single use gifts with lots of packing
  • show my loved ones I care by making something for them from scratch.

I was keen to try some mason jar gifts (more on those in a few days) and wanted to do something handmade to decorate ithem. I learnt how to crochet a year ago and have been enjoying trying new pieces to expand my skills, so I thought a crochet decoration would would compliment the jars.

I searched the web and found a good heart pattern on Crochet Leaf. I modified it slightly to get the look I wanted and to make it three-dimensional. I have listed the modified instructions below. This is very forgiving pattern and it’s easy to fudge your way through a little bit if you lose count!

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