Grow: last of the summer crop

As we reached mid February, my first vegetable crop stared to come to an end. The snow peas were few and far between and the lettuce started to bolt, so it was time to harvest and start again.

I actually found it hard at first to just pull everything up and start again; I felt like I was murdering the plants. Ludicrious I know, and in the end it was actually quite cathartic to pull the roots from the soil, make food with the harvest and compost the rest. It closed the loop.

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Learn: I think my tomato plant is dying

So its been a bit hot the last few days in Melbourne. High 30s (Celsius) and peaking at 41 tomorrow. Phew. Not my kind of weather.

As a result I’ve been paying a bit more attention to my vegies because this is the first heatwave since planting them and I’m not sure how the beating sun will affect them.

When looking at my tomato plant, I’ve noticed that the leaves at starting to curl and the edges of the them are going brown.

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Grow: snow peas

I started growing snow peas in October and have been amazed at how fast the started popping up once the plant flowered. We love snow peas and I had read the were fast growers and ideal for beginners so it was a good one to try growing.

At the moment all of our plants are in pots – for convenience and because I wasn’t sure about placement for the sun, so this gave me the ability to move them around. I planted them with potting mix from Masters and some of my compost.

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