About Me

imageMy name is Amanda and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my partner Sam and our cats, Turbo and Lola.

Recycling and the environment is something that I have always been passionate about, but as a couple we have decided to take the next step and start working towards making our lives truly sustainable. We look forward to the day when we have our own place and can become sustainable and self-sufficient – grow our own fruit and vegetables, only eat meat we raise or hunt, create our energy and reduce our waste, etc. We don’t want to be reliant to supermarkets and mass retail and  want our impact on this world to be a positive one.

Read more about how we got started.

I have always considered myself a ‘black thumb’, but have had to challenge that perception because we can’t be sustainable without taking control of our food. So edible gardening will be a big part of this blog, but so will cleaning and skin care, cooking, food prep and storage, recycled homewares, DIY, craft and more. Sam will also contribute from time to time and write about hunting, fishing, blacksmithing, carpentry and more.

So this little blog is my journey – my ideas, experiments, discoveries and mistakes.

Our sustainable life will include eating meat. As mentioned above, Sam hunts and fishes and we see sourcing our own meat as important as growing our own vegetables. If you don’t agree with this philosophy that is fine, but please respect our choices and read this blog with an open mind.

This blog is my personal journey so please don’t take everything I say as gospel. If I state a fact I will try my best to reference it so you can seek further information easily, but otherwise take it as general advice.


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