Make: can ring crochet bracelets

So in January we finally made the commitment and went to Rainbow Serpent Festival. Many of our friends have been going for years (and have been telling us to come along for years!) so we thought it was about time to get ourselves organised and head down to this 5 day festival in country Victoria.

The festival was, needless to say, awesome. The music, culture and food was extremely impressive and 5 days of camping with 15,000 other people was definitely an experience! One thing that really impressed me about Rainbow Serpent was their commitment to sustainability. The have a zero waste policy and encourage all festival goers to find creative ways to reduce their environmental impact.

I’d seen some cool ideas for crochet jewellery made with ring pulls from aluminium cans, so I thought making some friendship bracelets for those at our camp would be a creative and nice way to do something with a sustainability theme (and kill the time while hiding from the sun!)

The pattern I used was from Jamie D Designs on Craftsy. She was nice enough to provide a free pattern with clear instructions to you can head there to download rather than me repeating them.

I made my bracelets with cotton yarn (as this would be more comfortable in the hot weather). It was very pliable and easy to work with and the rainbow colours I choose turned out well.



At home, I also tried a version with t-shirt fabric, which gave it a chunkier, more fashionable look.



Just a heads up: not all can rings are the same. A lot of them now have a tiny ring at the top (as pictured below right). Those ones aren’t suitable for this bracelet so make sure you use the ones with nice wide rings (below left).


I have a huge bag of can rings left over (thank you Tara and Fatty for your donations!) so I’m going to experiment with some other patterns and yarns and might even sell them for a couple of bucks!



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