Shop: local natural and wholefood suppliers

In the process of my Internet trawling of late, I’ve come across a couple if awesome stores that are right on my doorstep (I’m in Oakleigh).

While I have resigned myself to that fact that not everything I need can grow in my garden and I will have to still shop for goodies, I was surprised and excited to find a few suppliers just a quick drive away.

Here is two of these gems. Here’s to me finding many more. Please enlighten me if you know of any!

The Source Bulk Foods

When I walked into this store I thought I’d died and gone to wholefood heaven. Walls lined with self serve tubs full of organic nuts, seeds, flours, herbs, chocolates, grain and more – it was like a dream! How was this awesome place only a 15 minute drive from my house and I never knew about it?


One of the best things about Source is their no plastic policy – they offer paper bags to put items in, but even better, they let you bring your own containers. It’s great to see a company that has such a great commitment to reducing waste.

And to top it all of they’re prices as super reasonable. Heaven.

I really just went in there to have a nose around, so didn’t buy a lot, but got raw sugar, some buckinis and a couple of protein balls for about $7. Winning!

There is a few Source Bulk Foods around Melbourne, but I visited the Hampton store.

Find out more about them at



These guys are an online store that stocks a great range of natural products including cosmetic powders, essential oils, carrier oils, botanical extracts… basically almost everything you need to make your own skin care and cosmetics.

What I loved is that they allow pick up from their warehouse in Moorabin, a mere 5 minute drive from me, so I could comfortably sit of my arse at home flipping through their website and then just got a collect my goodies when I was out and about.

So far I’ve bought from N-essentials: sweet almond oil (a great base for many product), zinc oxide powder (for homemade sunscreen) and some soap nuts (more on these in another post – if you are curious here is some info on them!)

You can have a look at their stock at 


Just an FYI…

I have no association with these business and am not benefiting from talking about them  – this blog is no where near popular enough for that! I was just super impressed with them and wanted to share the love.



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