Learn: Homemade beauty and cleaning

Over the last few days I’ve been off my feet recovering from surgery, so I thought I’d start doing some research on homemade cleaners and  beauty products. And boy, was there no shortage of materials! Simply Google ‘homemade toothpaste’ and it will lead you down a yellow brick road of homemade goodness.

Over the last few days I’ve written down recipes for:

  • dishwashing liquid
  • dishwashing tabs
  • washing powder
  • washing liquid
  • multipurpose cleaner
  • hand soap
  • body wash
  • body/face scrub
  • moisturiser
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • shaving cream
  • body spray
  • eye make up remover
  • skin toner
  • face masks
  • hand lotion
  • insect repellant
  • deoderant
  • toothpaste
  • mouth wash
  • sunscreen
  • foundation
  • bronzer
  • lip balm
  • busher/cheek tint
  • mascara.

Phew! That’s no small list! I’ve filled a notepad with all of them!

This is another aspect of my sustainability journey that is just as interesting and exciting as the edible gardening and recycling. I would love to be able to create my own cleaning products and never have to go to the supermarket for dishwashing liquid, soap or anything like that. Not to mention, know exactly what is in my face wash, toothpaste and mascara. Oh the freedom.

Whilst many of the ingredients I can’t grow and harvest myself, they are simple, natural items that I can combine to make the above recipes. Some are oils, some are naturally occurring minerals and compounds and others are herbs and spices.

There is a few opposing opinions about some methods and ingredients, but most of the concern seems to come from a lack of understanding of science and chemistry (for example, there is some who say borax is bad, but they are mistaking it for borac acid, which is totally different). Is also seems that people don’t realised that not everything with a hard to pronounce name is a synthetic chemical that is bad for you.

Essential oils play a big role in natural cleaning and beauty, so I’m keen to use this as an opportunity to learn more each one’s benefits and uses. There is much more to them than just a ‘nice smell’.

Some items, like citrus vinegar cleanersalt scrubs and sugar scrubs I’ve been making for a quite a while with good results, but many of these items are totally new territory. My first experiments are going to be homemade toothpaste and suscreen. I’m also having a go at using soap nuts to wash our clothes. Craziness!

I’ll post my findings and opinions on here to guide myself and hopefully some of you.



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