Learn: I think my tomato plant is dying

So its been a bit hot the last few days in Melbourne. High 30s (Celsius) and peaking at 41 tomorrow. Phew. Not my kind of weather.

As a result I’ve been paying a bit more attention to my vegies because this is the first heatwave since planting them and I’m not sure how the beating sun will affect them.

When looking at my tomato plant, I’ve noticed that the leaves at starting to curl and the edges of the them are going brown.


This didn’t really seem like sunburn, so I did some investigating and it seems like it might be bacterial canker.


This is super disappointing since it seemed to be going so well and there is a lot of fruit growing.

If it is canker then the advice online is to pull it out. Im not keen on this until I’m 100% sure this is the course of action. Its in its own pot so is not risking infecting anything else at the moment.

What I can’t find an answer for online is whether the fruit is still ok. Can I harvest the fruit then pull it up and destroy? I’d really like to know because quite a few are nearly ripe.

If anyone has any advice I’d love to know!



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