Grow: snow peas

I started growing snow peas in October and have been amazed at how fast the started popping up once the plant flowered. We love snow peas and I had read the were fast growers and ideal for beginners so it was a good one to try growing.

At the moment all of our plants are in pots – for convenience and because I wasn’t sure about placement for the sun, so this gave me the ability to move them around. I planted them with potting mix from Masters and some of my compost.

It took a little while for it to start flowering and after a month, the lower leaves started to yellow so I got worried. Remember this was my first attempt at gardening so I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I couldn’t understand why, but I was politely advised that I was killing it with love (over watering in other words!). As soon as I found this out I pulled back on the watering and pruned the yellow leaves it went gang busters.

In the last month it has started flowering and has been yielding peas every day. So far we’ve picked over 20 peas and there is plenty more coming.


It’s so awesome to be able to duck outside and pick a couple of them off for a snack. I don’t even want to buy them from the supermarket anymore because I know I’ll hate the taste compared to the ones I’ve grown myself.

Speaking of picking, here is a helpful video on how to harvest snow peas. One thing I have found as a beginner is that most books and websites on growing assume that you’ll just know how to do stuff like this. I cut mine with scissors as I’m not as good with the twisting and snapping off as the guy in the video, but both do the job.

Next time I grow snow peas I definitely think I will grow them on a trellis or at least with a tomato cage as planted them a bit to close together this time and whilst the stake works okay,  I think with more space I’ll get even more peas.



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