Germination: the start of my journey

For a long time I’ve been passionate about the environment. I’ve been an avid recycler since I was a kid and love finding ways to be more thrifty and less wasteful.

My partner Sam and I have been saving for a house for a few years and hope to buy in 2016. We look forward to the day when we have our own place and can become sustainable and self-sufficient – grow our own fruit and vegetables, only eat meat we raise or hunt, create our energy and reduce our waste, etc etc. We know this won’t happen overnight but are willing to learn and adapt as it fits our lives.

To get our house next year, we both work 2 jobs at the moment. When I got tired, I told myself that the harder I worked, the sooner we would have our dream. Then someone (my beautiful kinesiologist, Nanette) put an inspiring question to me – why I am I killing myself working for a future dream, when that dream can start now? That was when I realised that our motivation to reach our goal would come from our passion for it.

So I started reading about gardening, homemade cleaning and body products, permaculture, reducing plastic use, how to repurpose household items, bulk food stores, preserving, freezing and drying foods and more. The library has been a big friend, as has Google, and the more I find out, the more I realise that there is so much to learn.

My first experiment was my compost in mid 2015. I was so excited to see our scraps turn into something new and thriving. At that point, I only had one little parsley plant and some rosemary so they got lots of love with the ‘juice’ that came from the compost.

I was lucky enough to get some free lettuce and capsicum seedlings from my work in October 2015, so I took this as my signal to finally start my little vegetable garden. We rent, so I wasn’t keen to dig up the garden; instead I bought a pile of plastic posts and started experimenting. I picked up snow peas, tomato and kale, as I’d been told these were good ‘beginner’ plants.

It’s been fun learning. So far I haven’t had any major disasters, but have discovered many tips and tricks. It is so much fun going outside and picking a couple of snow peas for a snack. Nothing beats it. But more on this in future posts.

Now that I feel I have a handle on my gardening,  I’m looking at our waste habits. Sure, I recycle our plastic bags and other recyclables, but I want to get to a point where this isn’t a necessity because I’m not using plastic in the first place.

I’ve also been motivated to try new recipes, to feed my body and my soul. Green smoothies, fresh ingredients, seasonal meals and challenging myself to cook with what is in the fridge are all resulting in many new ideas and experiences. It’s not 100% most days, but I’m trying and I feel that is what matters.

So, sit back and relax and enjoy my tales of discovery and joy (and maybe frustration and confusion!). I wish I had started this blog sooner in the journey, but no matter.

I’ll finish with this wonderful affirmation I received from the amazing ladies at Simple Green Smoothies. They have played a big part in my health and wellbeing journey and for that I’m eternally grateful.

2015-12-04 07.16.39.png




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